GET the 3 in 1 Facial !

guest post by a client: Jessa Smith

"You're not from around here. Are you?"

I get that question so often, I actually expect it to be the way people will great me. I am Washington born, Alaska raised, and I moved to the South in my 20's. I was not built for the environment where I currently reside. I am not the only one from the PNW that has found themselves in an alien environment. Mine happens to be the very sunny North Carolina. So sunny, so often, that the state actually enjoys 3 full harvests during the growing season! That's a LOT of sunshine. The plants LOVE it... my skin... not so much. I followed all the rules. I slathered sunblock onto my exposed skin regularly. I don't even want to think about the amount of money I wasted on sunblocks that were clearly not providing the protection they advertised. Unfortunately, after 17 years in this southern sunshine, my skin was not up to the task of filtering out all those UVA/ UVB rays. I won't lie, I am nearing 40, that is one reason why the melasma started to really bother me. The splotchy brown areas collecting on my cheeks left my complexion looking tired. It no longer looked like MY skin.

Thankfully, I make it a point to visit Mode du Jour everytime I am in the area. During my most recent visit Medical Director, Dr. Janet Paquette discussed my concerns with me. She tailored a treatment plan for my specific problem areas.

We started with a 3 in 1 Facial 

  • Super-Softening & Exfoliating Treatment
  • Hyaluronic Acid Infusion
  • Acoustic Wave Therapy

Followed by NEOVA maintenance & sun protection

  • NEOVA Herbal Wash
  • NEOVA Serious Clarity x4
  • NEOVA Total DNA Repair
  • NEOVA Damage Control ACTIVE SPF43

Below are before & after photos taken the morning of my treatments as well as 6 weeks post-treatment. The melasma was significantly reduced, and I can fully expect more reduction each time I receive this treatment. The very beginning of crepey thinness had begun to settle into my skin, and thanks to that amazing facial along with proper skincare products, over the past 6 weeks my skin has filled in that natural healthy plumpness. Another very pleasant outcome from this treatment was the overall tone & color of my skin improved.  One big challenge was the difference between Pacific NorthWest Sunlight *before pictures* & Southern Sunlight *6-week post-treatment pictures*. It is a pretty intense kind of light, combined with humidity and oppressive heat that just melts the sunblock away. I am glad that Janet really listened to me while we discussed my situation. She recognized the specific issues that needed to be addressed. By including an ACTIVE level sunblock to my daily routine, my skin finally has the protection that I assumed all those other sunblocks provided.  You can SEE the difference in my appearance. What I find difficult to put into words is the way it FEELS.  On the outside, my skin actually feels softer to the touch. On the inside, wearing this skin feels healthier, refreshed, hydrated, vibrant. And overall I feel much less self-conscious about my skin. Instead of tired skin & splotchy sun damage, I see ME in when I look into the mirror, and I love it!